Call For Parts

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Application: Indication of low stock inventory

Challenges: Power supply sources are limited

Solution: EZ-LIGHT K80 Series Call Light    

Benefits: Powered by two 9V batteries

In flexible manufacturing environments, where operators assemble components with parts supplied by parts bins, a simple indicator is illuminated to alert stocking personnel to refill the bins before parts are depleted. Keeping bins stocked with parts without the need of the operator to leave the station to retrieve and refill improves productivity.


Installing a signal to parts bins is a simple solution to keeping parts bins stocked and the assembly line productive. The EZ-LIGHT K80 Call Light is a large illuminated signal the operator turns on before parts are depleted. The K80 flashes red to signal stocking personnel to replenish bin supplies.

In flexible manufacturing environments, operator stations and work cells must allow for quick changes to assembly and manufacturing lines. Parts bins must also be mobile and easily configured to accommodate assembly realignment and changes, and supplying power to all areas around a work cell may be difficult or costly. The K80 Call Light is powered by two 9V batteries, simplifying work cell configuration without the need to supply the signal additional power.

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80 mm Call Light: K80 Series
80 mm Call Light: K80 Series

Banner Engineering K80 Call Lights are portable, battery powered Andon lights that can be used where access to power is limited or unavailable.

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