Cap Sorter Detection

Cap Sorter Detection Image

Application: Verifying that there are no jams on a cap sorting machine

Challenges: Variety of colors are used on bottle caps

Solution: R55F Fiber Optic Sensor

Benefits: Detects cap regardless of color and works at a fast speed

Detecting the presence of bottle caps and ensuring that there is unbroken movement is a crucial step in the beverage filling line. Maintaining a steady, continuous flow of caps is one of the simplest ways to remain efficient and productive. Any delay or missing caps may indicate a jam along the production line and these errors can cause extreme backups and downtime. There must be a quick and easy solution to verify that there are no jams on the machine in order to keep the bottle caps moving at a high speed.


Banner Engineering’s R55F fiber optic sensors have the capability to detect the presence of caps regardless of their color or size – a clear advantage in an industry that has a wide variety of bottle caps and frequent line changes. In this type of application, the fiber optic sensors are used to recognize long pauses between the caps which would then signal a jam to the operators of the machine.

The fibers are compact and can be easily mounted in confined and typically inaccessible spaces. This is ideal for the limited space provided in the sanitary rinser/filler/capper stations that are found in the beverage industry. The R55F fiber optic sensor was also designed to be placed close to the sensing target for accurate recognition and provides easy and user-friendly installation. It features a fast, 50-microsecond response time which allows for quick and uninterrupted readings of the caps as they pass by at a rapid rate. Additionally, the fibers are offered with stainless steel sheathing which makes them resistant to chemicals and works well in a washdown environment. This provides opportunities for increased operating speed while maintaining quality and accurate results.

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