Checkweigh Station Indication of Pass/Fail Status

K50L Checkweigh Image

Application: Pass or fail indication on a checkweigh station

Challenge: Harsh washdown environment

Solution: K50L indicator light

Benefits: Rugged and bright LED lighting with IP69K rating

The food industry typically has rigid regulations, including weight regulations, to ensure high safety and quality levels of the food being produced. A checkweigh station on a food processing line confirms that weight is consistent from package to package. If the product fails the test, there needs to be a method to alert operators of the fail status in order for it to be removed from the line. Such a solution must also be rugged enough to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdown of food manufacturing equipment. 

IP69K Rated LED Indicator Lights

There are a wide variety of EZ-LIGHT K50L indicators that can be used successfully in the food industry. They are heavy-duty, easy-to-see, and can display up to three colors to indicate equipment status. In this application, the K50 is illuminated green as the trays pass over the checkweigher.  If the tray fails and does not meet the weight requirements the light switches to red, alerting employees to the fail.

The K50L indicator lights are available in IP69K rated options in order to handle high-pressure washdown environments. They are fully epoxy encapsulated for protection from water ingress.  In addition, K50L lights are made with long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs which allows for long-term use before requiring replacement or repair, thus saving time and money.

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