Engine Block Positioning

Engine Block Positioning Image

Application: Verifying the correct engine block positioning

Challenges: Precise positioning is required

Solution: The L-GAGE LH Laser Displacement Sensor

Benefits: Detects a wide variety of surfaces

In the automotive industry, quality control in engine block manufacturing is extremely important because the block is the core of the engine, housing nearly all of the engine’s components. Each stage of manufacturing needs to be accurate and complete before moving to the next stage to ensure quality control throughout the assembly process. It is equally important that the engine block is properly positioned when being transferred from station to station. This helps prevent errors in manufacturing that could lead to faulty parts or down time.


Banner Engineering’s L-GAGE LH Laser Displacement Sensor is ideal for applications where exact positioning of a part is crucial. The L-GAGE LH Series consistently looks at dark targets on micron levels. Banner’s laser displacement sensor is extremely accurate for precise positioning applications, including engine block positioning. The sensor can take measurements on virtually any surface, such as cast iron or aluminum alloys, which are often used for the manufacturing of engine blocks. 

The L-GAGE’s CMOS linear imager with 1024 pixels is capable of micrometer-level resolutions ranging from 1-10 microns. The displacement and target thickness measurements are available with 4-20 mA analog or RS-485 digital communication outputs. 

After the LH software is installed, there are two user options for further setup instructions and information. The LH Assistant is available to help guide a user through the setup. The LH Configurator connects to the LH network and measurement screen for simple data monitoring and statistical process control. Custom sensor configurations are also available with the LH Configurator.

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