Glass Vial Chip Inspection

Glass Vial Chip Inspection Image


Before sending glass vials to be filled, a sensor inspects them for damage as the vials leave an automated liquid filling station. The sensor ensures the top edge of each vial is not chipped or cracked. If a chip or crack is found, the vision sensor rejects the part.


The solution uses a PresencePLUS P4 OMNI, a Standard 16 mm lens, and an On-Axis Diffused LED light. A Geometric Count tool that was used to build the inspection searches the entire image for the pattern of a good vial. The pattern consists of edge outlines of the inside and outside diameters (ID and OD) of the vial opening. A mask is used to remove the reflection from the inside bottom of the vial. If the edge is not continuous due to a chip out, the Geometric Count tool will fail to find a part by using the extra or missing edge options of the Count tool. A Test Tool is created to configure the Pass/Fail criteria based on if the Geometric Count tool results.

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