High-Speed Bottle Inspection with PresencePlus

High-Speed Bottle Inspection with PresencePlus Image


Accurately detecting various bottle features at high speeds can be difficult. However, with different bottle types running along the same conveyor, an accurate solution that can detect multiple features is needed.


To rapidly verify that beer bottles are filled to the correct level and that caps are correctly aligned, a high-speed PresencePLUS P4 vision sensor locates the bottle and verifies the fill level and cap placement. This helps eliminate the need for multiple sensors, while accurately detecting the presence of caps and monitoring fill level.

The red backlight provides a strong contrast to the bottles, amplifying the bottle features for easy detection.

The PresencePLUS P4 Omni has a rugged, nickel-plated aluminum and waterproof housing rated to IP68, ideal for food and beverage environments with frequent washdowns. The vision sensor features a 640 x 480 CCD imager and performs inspections at up to 2000 parts per minute (PPM).

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