LED Lights Used To Inspect Liquid Pharmaceuticals

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The WLA Series Work Light is installed in a pharmaceutical work station. The LED illumination provides a bright, cool and even pattern of light for human inspection of liquid pharmaceuticals.

Customer Requirements: Visual inspection of IV bags, glass vials and filled syringes for contamination

Solution: WLA Series Work Light

Why Banner? Smart design—Banner’s LED lighting is perfectly suited for inspection settings; packaged in thermoplastic housing, the lights can withstand washdowns and are designed for use in industrial work cells

Customer Benefits

Improved quality control—with bright, uniform illumination, operators can detect minute particulates more reliably than vision machines

Ease of use—LED lighting is more ergonomic for operators compared to fluorescent bulbs, which tend to flicker from changes in intensity and must be frequently changed


For companies that produce liquid pharmaceutical products, such as those used in syringes and IV bags, it is critical to identify particulates or foreign substances of any size before the products are released for distribution.


One global provider of healthcare products had been using vision machines to detect particulates in their liquid pharmaceuticals. When the machines were no longer able to detect contaminants to the required percentage level, the company began using human visual inspections. Since many of the particulates are extremely minute, the company needed to install bright and highly uniform illumination in their work stations so operators could effectively verify the quality of products. 


Banner introduced the customer to the WLA Work Light Series, a perfect fit for their application. First, the bright LEDs provide stable, durable and uniform lighting for quality inspection. Compared to fluorescent lighting, Banner’s Work Lights use less energy and have a significantly longer lifespan (over 50,000 hours of continuous light). Plus, LEDs are more ergonomic for operator use than fluorescents, which tend to flicker from changes in intensity. Second, the durable thermoplastic housing is ideal for the customer’s facility. As cleanliness is vital, the lights are easy to wipe down and keep free of dust. And with different size, mounting and lens options, the lights fit into the customer’s various work cells. Banner’s convenient and easy-touse lighting solution greatly improved the customer’s inspection process, allowing them to reliably detect contaminants of any size in liquid pharmaceuticals.

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