Clear Tray Detection at Hopper and Filling Station

Clear Tray Detection at Hopper Application Image

Application: Detect clear plastic trays at a food filling station 

Challenges: Clear pastic can be difficult for some sensors to detect reliably

Solution: Banner Engineering’s Q4X Clear Object Detection sensor

Benefits: IP69K rating and washdown ready sensor that reliably detects clear or translucent objects

There are many instances along a food processing line where product could be wasted and not only increase the cost of production, but also increase downtime. A solution is needed that can accurately detect clear food trays once they have approached hoppers. Accurate detection of each tray ensures that the filling machine only fills when a tray is present, preventing spillage and wasted product.


Banner Engineering’s Q4X Clear Object Detection sensors reliably detect clear or translucent objects with a quick response time and without requiring a reflector.  This sensor successfully overcomes the challenges that are typically associated with clear material and high-paced production lines. 

The area around hoppers and filling stations can make mounting reflectors inconvenient.  The Q4X never requires a reflector, which cuts down on installation costs and makes setup easier. Eliminating a reflector in a washdown environment also removes a potential point of failure.

The Q4X COD sensor detects sub millimeter distance changes at high speeds which allows for the trays to be close together without touching, keeping the production line efficient and quick. They are also made with sealed IP69K-rated stainless steel which makes it washdown ready and ideal for use in the food industry. 

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