Hygienic Sensors for Glass Vial Detection in Harsh Chemical Environment

Hygienic Sensors for Glass Vial Detection Image

Application: Glass vial detection in a sterile environment

Challenges: Detecting clear material with harsh chemicals present

Solution: Banner Engineering's QMH26 Photoelectric Sensor

Benefits: Rugged housing and clear object detection

Pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturing requires rigid control to maintain product integrity, overall quality and process efficiency. However, the harsh chemical agents used to remove bacteria and other contaminants during the cleaning process can reduce a sensor’s overall life span or require frequent sensing adjustments.


Banner’s QMH26 Photoelectric Sensor provides reliable clear glass vial detection for strict quality control, while its rugged housing makes it a sustainable, long-lasting sensing solution.

The QMH26 features 316L stainless steel housing to prevent chemical corrosion and a hygienic mounting shape to minimize contamination risk. The hygienic shape of the QMH26 with sealed housing and smooth joints allows for clean in place applications and reduces bacterial accumulation.

QMH26 coaxial polarized retroreflective models are ideal for the clear vial detection in harsh, tightly controlled environments and have versatile mounting options for easy installation.

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QMH26 Series Hygienic Washdown Sensor
QMH26 Series Hygienic Washdown Sensor

The QMH26 is designed with minimal grooves and crevices, making it easy to clean and ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) applications.

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