Detect Installed Glass on Automobile

Moonroof Detection Image

Application: Detect the presence of a moonroof

Challenges: Recognizing clear glass is a common difficulty

Solution: Banner Engineering's U-GAGE T30UX Series Ultrasonic Sensor

Benefits: Ultrasonic waves reliably detect the glass regardless of shape, color, or transparency

As an unfinished automobile is transported along an assembly line, it is essential that no step has been overlooked and no pieces are missing. In this application, a detection solution is required that will reliably detect the presence of clear glass to ensure that the moonroof has been installed.


The detection of clear glass is a common challenge in the automobile industry. The optical beam of traditional photoelectric sensors will burn through clear material, making sensing results unreliable. The solution must be capable of detecting the clear glass of the moonroof.

The U-GAGE T30UX Series Ultrasonic Sensor uses pulses of ultrasonic energy, which reflect off the target and back to the sensor, to reliably detect clear materials. The extended range and remote line TEACH functionality of the T30UX makes it possible to mount the sensor above the assembly line, looking down at passing automobiles.

In this application, the sensing limits could be quickly and easily taught using the Auto-Window feature, in which the operator teaches the same limit twice (in this case, teaching the limit with the moonroof present), automatically centering a window on the taught position.

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