Registration Mark Detection on a Labeler

Registration Mark Detection on a Labeler Image

Application: Detect Registration Mark

Challenges: The background and Mark colors change frequently between many SKUs

Solution: Banner R58E Expert tri-color sensor easily reads low contrast registration marks

Benefits: R58E automatic LED selection optimizes contrast on high-gloss and low-contrast surfaces

Banner Engineering’s R58B Expert registration mark sensor confirms the registration mark’s position on the web. This allows the machine to make minor infeed adjustments to ensure the cut is properly placed and all labels are consistent and complete.  If the labels are incorrectly cut they need to be removed from the bottling line creating costly downtime and waste.  A quick and easy-to-use sensor is needed to dramatically improve throughput.


The R58E is a high-speed, low-contrast expert registration mark sensor that recognizes subtle registration marks on the labels as the labels pass at incredibly high speeds.  Quickly identifying registration marks ensures that the labels get cut at the precise moment for correct label placement.

The R58E sensor contains a red, blue, and green LED that automatically change depending on which color best optimizes contrast.  Three easy-to-set teach options, dynamic, static and, remote lets this sensor adapt frequently and easily.  The R58 Expert has an 8-segment bar graph display provides immediate feedback for teach and signal strength and a fast  10kHz switching frequency and 15 microsecond repeatability, both of which provide reliability for high-speed applications in the beverage industry.  Additionally, it features rugged housing and a high-quality acrylic lens which are designed to handle ambient electrical noise and vibration.

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R58 Series Registration Mark Sensor
R58 Series Registration Mark Sensor

Detects subtle color contrasts in common product and material registration applications found in printing, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

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