Tracking of Received Goods

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Application: Track and sort items in a distribution facility

Challenges: Fast-paced environment

Solution: ABR Image-Based Barcode Reader

Benefits: offer superior decoding capabilities to solve the broadest range of track and trace applications.

Distribution centers can easily become one of the most hectic places within a business. Finding an appropriate solution can help create a smooth process. A barcode system can be used to quickly and easily identify barcodes on packages, helping with sorting and the flow of items in distribution centers.


Banner Engineering’s ABR barcode readers have robust decoding capabilities to read damaged, deformed, and overprinted codes. They also have the ability to read multiple 1D or 2D codes in any orientation, helping maintain accountability and an efficient flow of packages throughout the facility.

The ABR barcode reader is ready to scan right out of the box with Smart Teach. Use the Smart Teach LED interface to teach new codes and setup application conditions without needing a PC.

The all-in-one design of ABR Series barcode readers combines imager, lens, and LED lighting in one, easy-to-deploy device. Polarization models are available in both 1.3 MP and 2 MP resolutions for optimized performance in any application that involves reading codes on shiny or reflective surfaces, or where glare is present. 

Connect, configure, and monitor multiple ABR Series barcode readers using Barcode Manager. This free and easy-to-use software features flowchart programming and a wide range of configuration options, including a one-step process for automatic setup and an advanced option that provides full access to change and configure device settings.

Featured Products

ABR Barcode Series
ABR Barcode Series

ABR Series barcode readers reliably read the most difficult 1D and 2D barcodes and feature a compact housing with advanced illumination options.

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