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  • PresencePLUS Lighting Diffusers

    Non-callout image for BEC Redesign (5/5/2008)

    • Diffuses light from collimated light sources
    • Illuminates target from many directions to eliminate shadows and glare
    • Reduces intensity and glare on shiny surfaces
    • Offers choice of models for use with 62 x 62 mm and 80 x 80 mm ring lights and area lights
    • Provides choice of clear window kits or white window kits for more diffuse light
    • Constructed of white or clear acrylic
    • Includes four holes for easy installation
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    1. LEDADW

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      White Diffusing Window Kit Large
      Area Light - models LED_80x80_

    2. LEDADWS

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      White Diffusing Window Kit Small
      Area Light - models LED_62x62_

    3. LEDRDW

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