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  • Is machine safety and control reliability a top priority for you?

    XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller: Scalable Safety Made Simple
    1 분  28 초 

    Join a safety expert from Banner Engineering at a location near you for a half day machine safeguarding seminar that will help you:

    • Gain insight into the latest safeguarding standards and how to apply them
    • Acquire best practices for safely guarding equipment with real world application examples
    • Discuss how to integrate safety with your machine controls
    • Get up to date on the latest technology to help simplify the task of machine safeguarding
    • Walk away with the Banner XS26-2DE to help with your next machine design or retrofit (optional)

    Who Should Attend?

    • Controls Engineers
    • Maintenance Personnel
    • Anyone designing or supporting industrial machinery

    How Much Does it Cost?

    • Option 1: $50 Registration fee for Machine Safeguarding Training (includes lunch but no controller)
    • Option 2: $150 Registration fee for Machine Safeguarding Training AND Banner's latest safety controller, the XS26-2DE ($895 value includes lunch and controller)
    XS26 SC26 software screen

    Dates & Locations

    Find the nearest seminar to you or contact