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  • VSMQ 시리즈

    일체형 금속 센서

    High performance, heavy-duty metal photoelectric sensor with well focused, narrow beam and smooth, stainless steel housing.

    • Tough – 300 series stainless steel body that will resist a wide variety of chemicals
    • Tiny – complete sensor in 7 x 5.5 mm flat pack housing
    • High performance – advanced optical design for very repeatable sensing range
    • Side Looker beam – well focused, side looking beam allows the entire sensor to be recessed into the fixture
    • Varied range - 20, 50 and 90 mm diffuse mode 

    기술 자료

    VSM to VSM-2 Cross Reference
    12 Feb 2020
    Specifier's Guide
    IO-Link Data Reference Guide: VSM-2M5RPR500
    10 Dec 2019
    퀵 스타트 가이드
    VSM Series Micro Sensors (Online Only)
    7 Jun 2016
    Monitoring Clear Film in a Tray Sealer
    Monitoring Clear Film in a Tray Sealer

    After food trays have been filled they need to be properly sealed and packaged with a layer of clear film. Installing a VSM series sensor in a heat sealer accurately monitors the level of film material remaining on a roll.

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    Stack Height Detection of Metal Parts
    Stack Height Detection of Metal Parts

    Transfer presses require reliable part-out or feed sensing to keep the mechanical shuttle system going without causing tool damage or producing low-quality parts. If the placement or movement of metal sheets is not precisely controlled, it could result in downtime and large quantities of scrap.

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