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    Sensors solutions can be used throughout the entire luggage transportation system. As the luggage travels from it's original check-in location to the loading station, a sensor is needed. A reliable solution that can detect the presence of luggage on an airline conveyor belt is required.


    WORLD-BEAM QS18 Universal Voltage sensors mounted along an airline conveyor detect the presence and position of passing luggage. QS18 Universal Voltage sensors can be connected to either AC or DC power, allowing them to operate in large conveyor applications already using AC power without requiring a separate power supply. The robust, compact housing and multiple mounting options add to the versatility of WORLD-BEAM QS18 Universal Voltage sensors.

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    QS18 시리즈 다용도 광전 센서
    QS18 시리즈 다용도 광전 센서

    범용 하우징 설계와 18mm 나사형 배럴이 장착된 다용도 광전 센서는 수백 가지 다른 센서 스타일을 이상적으로 대체할 수 있습니다.

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