Reach Stacker Status

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When reach stackers transport containers, it is vital that the twist locks on each container are secure before moving it. Without a locked grip on the container, the container could slip and fall or cause unintended equipment damage.


Visual indication is an easy, effective way to communicate status to keep equipment operating efficiently and increase productivity. Intensely bright beacon lights are highly visible during daylight and indicate the condition of the spreader twist locks to the operator cabin to ensure a secure lift. The beacon lights feature intense levels of light output and are very rugged and durable, making them ideal for outdoor indication applications.

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K50 시리즈 비콘 고강도 표시등
K50 시리즈 비콘 고강도 표시등

실내/실외 표시등 응용 분야를 위한 매우 밝은 비콘 표시등. 스트로브 및 회전 비콘 조명 기능에 사용할 수 있습니다.

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