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  • Rotating Equipment Monitoring

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    In a number of automotive manufacturing processes, rotary tables are used to index parts into various automatic and manual work stations. In many cases, it is necessary to use sensors to verify that parts are present, properly placed, or correctly processed before indexing.

    Historically, the solution of using slip rings to allow sensor power and signals to be hardwired to the control system has often proven to be costly and unreliable. An alternative solution that allows more sensor signals to be processed while increasing the reliability is needed.


    Banner’s SureCross wireless network is designed specifically to operate in concert with sensor technology (analog and discrete) in an industrial environment (IP67 enclosure rating). The system consists of a Gateway that communicates with up to 56 Nodes using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) methodologies, creating a very robust protocol for the factory floor. 

    In this example, four Banner part-presence sensors are connected to a Node powered by a FlexPower™ battery module. The lifetime of a battery depends on several factors, including the number and type of sensor, sample rate, and cycle time, and can last for years in some cases. Sensor signals are transmitted from the Node to a Gateway with four corresponding digital outputs that are connected to the control PLC.

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    넓은 영역에 걸쳐 I/O를 분산하는 점 대 다중점 네트워크를 생성합니다. 입력 및 출력 유형에는 이산(건식 접점, PNP/NPN), 아날로그(0~10V dc, 0~20mA), 온도(써모커플 및 RTD) 및 펄스 계수기가 있습니다.

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