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  • Wireless Forklift Signaling

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    Once a completed pallet is transferred from the wrapping station and it arrives at the end of the conveyor, a forklift operator needs notification of a completed palette in order to move the palette to shipping or storage.


    Banner’s Q45 wireless call sensor communicates to a wireless DX80, signaling that forklift drivers can remove the completed pallet for shipping. This helps keep the conveyor clear, keep it moving faster and leads to more productivity. Since forklift drivers are being called to action more quickly, it allows for more productivity.

    The Q45 wireless sensor is self-contained and has easy installation. The flexible topology allows for placement wherever you might need it. This solution does not require any new cable installation and is easy to rearrange if the plant layout changes.

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    Q45 광전 무선 센서
    Q45 광전 무선 센서

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