Train Detection in Tunnels


Application: Large train detection inside tunnels

Challenges: Passing trains create high winds and kick up dirt and debris

Solution: QT50R R-GAGE Radar Sensor

Benefits: Radar technology is not affected by wind or dirt build-up

Trains create incredibly difficult environments for mechanical and technical equipment to work properly. Passing trains in tunnles created excess wind, dirt, debris, and an increased potential for impact. To reliably detect the presence of trains in tunnels a solution is needed that can withstand the rough atmosphere.


The QT50R R-GAGE is an effective alternative to ultrasonic or photoelectric sensors; the QT50R's radar technology is unaffected by wind created by trains moving through the tunnel or by dust and dirt build-up on the sensor.

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QT50R 시리즈 충돌 방지 레이더 센서
QT50R 시리즈 충돌 방지 레이더 센서

리치 스태커, 지게차 및 채광 차량 등과 같이 이동하는 장비와의 충돌 방지에 이상적인 고감도 레이더 센서. 감지 영역을 조절할 수 있습니다.

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