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  • ABR Series Imager-Based Barcode Readers

    The ABR Series is a line of imager-based barcode readers that offer superior decoding capabilities to solve the broadest range of track and trace applications. Watch the video to learn more about these powerful barcode readers.

    ABR Series of Powerful Imager-Based Barcode Readers

    ABR 바코드 시리즈
    ABR 바코드 시리즈

    ABR 시리즈 바코드 판독기는 가장 까다로운 1D 및 2D 바코드를 정확하게 판독하고 고급 조명 옵션이 장착된 소형 하우징을 채택했습니다.

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    ABR 바코드 관리자 소프트웨어
    ABR 바코드 관리자

    ABR 시리즈 바코드 판독기용 바코드 관리자 소프트웨어는 직관적인 플로우차트 프로그래밍 방식을 채택해 검사를 쉽게 설정할 수 있고 가장 까다로운 바코드 판독 응용 분야의 문제 해결을 위해 고급 기능에 액세스할 수 있도록 합니다.

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    Introducing the new ABR Series of barcode readers from Banner Engineering.

    The ABR series of barcode readers are a complete barcode solution ready to read even the most challenging 1D and 2D codes.

    The metal housing and compact design make it perfect for tight spaces and industrial environments.  Available in IP67 housings.

    The laser-assisted alignment makes setup fast and easy and learning new barcodes is as simple as a push of the button.

    Use the Smart Teach LED interface to teach new codes and setup application conditions without needing a PC.  Use the green “good-read” LED and beeper to validate the application.

    Advanced features include a wide field of view for inspections over a large area and rotatable QD connection to fit various mounting requirements. Available in multiple resolutions and lens focal lengths, including liquid-lens autofocus for maximum application flexibility.

    Advanced illumination enables reliable reading of direct part mark and difficult barcodes.  For direct part mark reading, the integrated multi-color LED lighting can be turned off and on in different areas to provide optimal illumination and contrast on etched, reflective and textured surfaces for easy reading.

    With the free Barcode Manager PC Software, you can unlock advanced features and monitor performance.  Once configured, use the web monitor to view information, statistics and live images.

    The ABR Series of barcode readers from Banner Engineering: Powerful imager-based barcode readers with the ability to read even the most difficult 1D and 2D codes.

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