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  • HLS27 LED Strip Light for Hazardous Locations

    The HLS27 Hazardous Location LED Strip Lights function in Division 2 hazardous locations without sacrificing brilliant, even illumination. They have sturdy aluminum housing and are encased in a shatterproof polycarbonate shell, ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications. Watch the video to learn more about the rugged single- and dual-color HLS27 strip lights.

    위험한 위치에 사용하기 위한 HLS27 시리즈 밝은 LED Strip Light
    위험한 위치에 사용하기 위한 HLS27 시리즈 밝은 LED Strip Light

    열악한 실내 및 실외 응용 분야에 이상적인 비산 방지 설계된 자외선 안정화 합성 폴리에스터 케이스. 내장형 자동 온도 보호 기능.

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    Introducing the HLS27, a bright, sealed LED strip light for hazardous locations.

    The HLS27 is a 12 – 30-volt dc powered light certified for gas and dust Division 2 locations

    Thanks to its slim design, and water and impact resistance, the HLS27 is a versatile illumination option for cabinets, machines, outdoor shelters and more.

    With eight length options and an impressive 750 lumens/foot light output, the HLS27 easily replaces bulky, energy-hungry fixtures.  In addition to the integral 50% dimming option, models with a PWM dimming input are also available for customization of light levels.

    Along with the classic cool white models, the HLS27 is also available in single and dual color models.  Colors can be used for direct status indication, to supplement illumination with indication, or to provide colored illumination, for example red light at night.

    The integral ITC-ER rated cable is available in multiple lengths to allow for simple installation directly to the junction box without expensive conduit.

    The HLS27 is your option for Division 2 hazardous location illumination.

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