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  • Choosing a Vehicle Detection Solution [Video]

    There are many different technologies that can be used to solve vehicle detection applications.  Banner Engineering can help you identify the right technology for your unique application.  Watch the video to learn more about vehicle detection solutions from Banner. 


    Vehicles are challenging targets to detect. Not only are vehicles unpredictable— coming in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors— but they must often be detected outdoors where environments can be harsh or wiring impractical.

    With so many variables, it is essential to match the right technology to meet each unique situation.

    No matter the application, Banner Engineering can help you find the right vehicle detection technology for all of your applications.

    Our first technology, radar sensors, reliably detects moving or stationary targets.

    Use them, for example, to trigger vehicle arrival alerts at docking bays and increase worker efficiency.

    Radar is a popular choice for large and predictable targets and will function regardless of weather conditions.

    Where wires are impractical, wireless magnetometers are a popular choice.

    They’re perfect for outdoor applications with extreme weather demands; in this example they’re installed at various points of a drive thru to track customer through-time.

    These self-contained devices detect vehicles by measuring changes in the ambient magnetic field around them.

    Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a small hole drilled in the ground.

    Wireless ultrasonic sensors are another easy-install option.

    They use sound waves to detect vehicles of any size, shape, or reflectivity.

    Here they are mounted over covered parking stalls to identify when a parking ramp is full.

    Photoelectric sensors are a more-robust option for indoor applications.

    They work by detecting objects that interrupt a beam of light; they can even burn through steam, making them a reliable choice for wet environments like car washes.

    Note that this solution requires mounting and powering an emitter-receiver combo on both sides of the application.

    Finally, measuring light grids use an array of light beams to detect and identify vehicles.

    These arrays can quickly and reliably determine discrete vehicles, as well as vehicle class and axle count, making them ideal for start-and-stop transactions like tollbooths.

    Similar to photoelectric sensors, these arrays require mounting and power to both sides of the target.

    Match the technology to your application, get up and running quickly, and save time and costs with vehicle detection solutions from Banner.