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Key Benefits

Monitor Equipment over Long Distances

MultiHop wireless networks have an almost limitless capacity for range. Each network consists of a MultiHop radio configured as a master device and one or more MultiHop radios configured as slave devices. Data from connected sensors is communicated back to the master radio. Add more sensors by adding more radios to the network. Extend the network to monitor more equipment by configuring additional radios as repeaters.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Monitoring RMS velocity and other vibration characteristics on equipment can help identify problems caused by imbalanced, misaligned, loose, or worn parts before they cause additional damage, failure and unplanned downtime. Machine performance can be tracked over time, so users can make more informed decisions about maintenance and anticipate failures before they occur.

Simple Setup Saves Time and Costs

Setup your vibration and temperature monitoring solution in a few simple steps: plug in the box, configure the radios, install the sensors on your equipment, and begin collecting data. Performance baselines and thresholds are automatically generated and no programming is required. Use the HMI touchscreen to create visualization tools and view the data.

Monitor Health and Performance from Anywhere

Configure the solutions kit to generate SMS text and/or email alerts for real-time notification of user-defined events. Expand the monitoring capabilities by connecting the kit to the web using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions software. This web-based cloud platform allows users to view dashboards and access data remotely from a PC or other internet-enabled device.

Wireless Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Monitor machine health utilizing predictive maintenance by continuously monitoring for vibration and temperature changes. A wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system, combined with a machine learning algorithm, creates a simple check engine light by establishing the machine’s vibration baseline and automatically setting warning and alarm thresholds.


Wireless Solutions Kits for Vibration and Temperature can be used to monitor motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment with rotating motion. These kits help users to:

  • Identify machine performance issues caused by misalignment, unbalance, bearing failures, pump cavitation, blade damage, etc.

  • Identify equipment requiring full spectrum analysis

  • Establish more strategic scheduling of equipment maintenance

For More Information

Model Radio Frequency Additional Notes
SOLUTIONSKIT9-VIBE-MH 900 MHz ISM Band Pre-wired M12/Euro-style connector for use with any Banner 1-wire serial sensor (sold separately); values displayed in imperial units
SOLUTIONSKIT9-VIBEMETRIC-MH 900 MHz ISM Band Pre-wired M12/Euro-style connector for use with any Banner 1-wire serial sensor (sold separately); values displayed in metric units