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Sensors & Lighting for IP69K Washdown

IP69K washdown sensor and lighting products

IP69K is the highest ranking on the Ingress Protection rating scale, which means it has a very high protection against liquids and solids leaking into industrial devices. Products with higher IP ratings are designed to work better in harsh environments where standard sensors would easily get damaged and produce false readings.

Various manufacturing industries, such as food, beverage, or pharmaceutical, have strict regulations in place in order to maintain a high level of sanitation and cleanliness and prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. These rigid rules create an environment that is frequently subjected to high-pressure washdowns. Sensors and sensing components that do not function in this environment create costly downtime as production must be halted for changeovers and installation of replacement products.

Installing products that are suitable for washdown and sterile environments is a must. Fortunately, Banner Engineering offers a wide variety of products that are rated IP69K and can withstand the wet atmosphere and high-pressure that washdowns typically introduce.  Banner's IP69K-rated sensors are available in a variety of housing styles and sizes and meet the demands of harsh caustic washdown environments without sacrificing quality.  In addition, bright, long-lasting lighting and indicators are available with rugged design models that require no additional protective covers.

Banner Products Take the IP Test

Hostile industrial environments can shorten the life of any electronic component, which is why our products are built to perform reliably in the most challenging conditions. Our products undergo a rigorous process to ensure that they achieve a high standard of ingress protection, including an IP69K rating. Banner offers a wide variety of rugged products suitable for use in industries where dust and dirt can be an issue or where equipment must be able to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdown.

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Washdown Cover for Emergency Stop Buttons [Video]
Washdown Cover for Emergency Stop Buttons [Video]

Banner Engineering’s new Washdown Cover expands the number of applications for which our E-Stop Buttons can be used by raising the product rating up to IP69K and Type 4X. It provides additional protection against environmental hazards for our 30 mm Mount Emergency Stop Buttons without compromising device actuation or visibility. The cover is made of clear, FDA-grade silicone and is both UL and ECOLAB approved. It is available in pre-installed kits for rapid deployment in new installations or as a standalone product, ideal for retrofitting E-Stop buttons in existing installations.

Q4X High-Pressure Washdown [Video]
Q4X High-Pressure Washdown [Video]

Banner Engineering's Q4X versatile, rugged laser distance sensor has an IP69K rating for use in wet and high-pressure washdown environments. The IP69K rating is important for applications where high-pressure, high-temperature water and cleaning chemicals are used to spray down equipment and machines.

LS Safety Light Curtain with IP69K Hygienic Enclosure [Video]
LS Safety Light Curtain with IP69K Hygienic Enclosure

LS safety light curtains are available with an IP69K hygienic enclosure that resists high-pressure, high-temperature washdown and aggressive chemical cleaning. They are ideal for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications where maintaining sanitary conditions is critical.

How To Use IP & NEMA Ratings To Choose The Right Sensor
How To Use IP & NEMA Ratings To Choose The Right Sensor

2 Jan 2017

This article answers some common questions about IP and NEMA ratings, when to use them and how to broadly interpret these designations.

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  1. This photoelectric sensor solves many challenging applications and comes in a rugged IP69K rating with FDA food grade stainless steel casing.

  2. T18-2 Series sensors are the next generation of self-contained photoelectric sensors. They have added strength and reliability for use in washdown and thermal shock environments on food production lines.

  3. Rugged high speed sensor for challenging presence/absence, orientation and registration mark detection applications with small contrast differences.

  4. The QMH26 is designed with minimal grooves and crevices, making it easy to clean and ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) applications.

  5. The QM26 withstands high-pressure washdown environments and is easy to mount for hassle-free setup.

  6. Heavy-duty barrel sensor protected by a 316 stainless steel housing that resists exposure to harsh chemicals and washdown conditions.

  7. Completely epoxy-encapsulated barrel-mount sensors operate on both dc and ac supply voltage and withstand harsh sensing environments.

  8. Fully encased in shatterproof, chemically resistant housing. Rated IP69K for washdown. Multiple color options combine illumination and indication.

  9. Waterproof, stainless steel, ultrasonic sensors were purpose-built to deliver flawless operation in food processing and other sanitary industries.

  10. Illuminated button for easy identification of which e-stop has been activated. 30 mm mounting base for easy installation and hookup with no assembly.

  11. Intuitive, easy-to-use, feature rich model available in 23 mm resolution in a full-featured design with no blind zone. Available in 7 defined area heights from 280 to 1050 mm in 70 mm IP69 hygienic tubular enclosure with hydrophobic vents to prevent condensation.

  12. K50 Series touch buttons combine a large, bright indicator with solid-state, touch-activated switching capability, ideal for lean manufacturing and bin-picking operations.

  13. Compact 30 mm indicator provides bolder, brighter status indication and offers seven color choices from just three inputs.

  14. 28 mm profile compact LED light for a variety of industrial applications. Available with motion sensors, various lenses & windows for max flexibility.

  15. High power LED with cool white, warm white, red, green, blue or yellow light. Illuminate large areas with no shadows. Available in 4 sizes.

  16. Oil, chemical, and water resistant with IP67, IP68g, and IP69K ratings. Wide operating temperature range. Three lens choices & versatile mounting.

  17. Oil, chemical, and water resistant with IP67, IP68g, and IP69K ratings. High brightness with glare-reducing optics. Resistant to vibration & shock.

  18. Highly concentrated spotlight available in 3 colors & 3 lens angles. Available in chemically-resistant housing & rated IP69K for harsh environments.

  19. Illuminate a large area with even light & no shadows. Optional flex arm mount for adjustable task lighting. Low power consumption < 3 watts.

  20. Extremely bright beacons lights for indoor/outdoor indicator applications. Available in strobing and rotating beacon light functions.

  21. Epoxy-encapsulated barrel sensors operate on both AD/DC voltage and provide reliable sensing without adjustments.

  22. Ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with repeated switch operation.

  23. Epoxy-encapsulated metal barrel sensors provide reliable sensing without adjustments.

  24. IP69K 30mm threaded plastic barrels with EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments.

  25. T-style IP69K housing and 30 mm threaded lens for reliable sensing without adjustments. Sensing range up to 60 m.

  26. Robust die-cast metal sensors provide reliable sensing without adjustments in high-pressure washdown environments. Fits in tight places for protection.

  27. High power sensing with ranges up to 200 m, e/m relay output models available.

  28. 22 mm Flush Mount Multicolor RGB Indicator with Seven Color Flashing Input Control and up to Fourteen Color Options.

  29. Ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with repeated switch operation.

  30. A completely epoxy-encapsulated sensor for use in harsh sensing environments, including food and beverage applications.

  31. The Q40 has both AC and DC voltage models and covers a long sensing range with a 30 mm base. Epoxy-encapsulated housing for superior durability.

  32. K50 Series touch buttons combine a large, bright indicator with solid-state, touch-activated switching capability, ideal for lean manufacturing and bin-picking operations. Second generation models have excellent immunity to false triggering and are drop-in replacements for existing K50 Touch models.

  33. Flat pack mounting allows the DC-operated K50FL indicators to be mounted on any flat surface.