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Emergency Stop and Stop Controls

Emergency stop devices provide workers a means of stopping a device during an emergency by pushing a button or pulling a rope in order to prevent injury to personnel and material loss.

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  1. Illuminated button for easy identification of which e-stop has been activated. 30 mm mounting base for easy installation and hookup with no assembly.

  2. Flush mount e-stop available in four models: standard actuator, illuminated standard actuator, lockable actuator, and illuminated lockable actuator.

  3. Panel mounted through 30 mm mounting holes. Easy to install with locking and illuminated models available.

  4. Safety pull cable switch, with integrated emergency stop button, has steel cable to provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors and large machinery.

  5. Rope pull emergency stop switches, when used with steel wire rope, provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors and large machinery.

  6. Handheld grip-styled switch is used for manual control of machine functions, including visual observations, minor adjustments, calibration and more.