Perimeter Guarding with Mirrors

Perimeter Guarding with Mirrors Image

Application: Safeguarding work cell

Challenges: Only one pair of light screens are being used to cover a large area

Solution: EZ-SCREEN Safety Light Curtains with corner mirrors

Benefits: Properly placed mirrors will take advantage of the range of an EZ-SCREEN while keeping costs down

To combine a safety light screen and mirrors to guard access to a work cell and minimize separation distance


To guard the perimeter of a tube bender work cell, two free-standing corner mirrors are set up to reflect the sensing field from the emitter, around the perimeter’s corners, to the receiver. Using corner mirrors is an economical way to make use of the range of an EZ-SCREEN safety light screen by guarding multiple sides of an area with one emitter/receiver pair.

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14 & 30 mm Resolution Safety Light Curtains
14 & 30 mm Resolution Safety Light Curtains

Safety light screens protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters.

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