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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves rather than light, making them ideal for stable detection of uneven surfaces, liquids, clear objects, and objects in dirty environments. These sensors work well for applications that require precise measurements between stationary and moving objects.

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  1. Compact, right-angle ultrasonic sensors with built-in temperature compensation. Available in analog or configurable discrete models. 3 m sensing range.

  2. Barrel ultrasonic sensor is Ideal for material handling and packaged goods applications: bottling or liquid level detection. Sensing range < 300 mm.

  3. Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing that is ideal for tank level monitoring of liquids as well as solids.

  4. Waterproof, stainless steel, ultrasonic sensors were purpose-built to deliver flawless operation in food processing and other sanitary industries.

  5. Ultrasonic sensor detects items regardless of color, material, or transparency. Senses within 50 to 500 mm window with 15 millisecond response time.

  6. Right-angle sensor with 30mm threaded barrel and sensing range up to 2 m. Popular for pump in pump out switching logic for tank level monitoring.

  7. Versatile sensor accepts programming storage cards for fast, easy sensing parameter changes with ranges up to 3 m.

  8. Precision programmability to resolve object presence to within 0.6 mm. Plastic or stainless steel housing with threaded barrel or Flat-Pak sensing head.

  9. High-frequency ultrasonic emitter and tuned receiver for accurate opposed-mode sensing. T-style right-angle housing with 18 mm threaded nose.

  10. The K50U wireless ultrasonic sensor makes it easy to monitor mobile and remotely located tanks and totes.