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Safety Laser Scanner Software

Safety Laser Scanner Software

Intuitive User Interface for SX Series Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanner Software from Banner Engineering

Software for SX Series safety laser scanners is free and easy to use. It features an intuitive user interface with a graphic display of the monitored area. Menu-driven tools guide users through setup, making it easy to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existing infrastructure and meet the specific needs of any application.

Key Benefits

SX Series Safety Laser Scanners

Compact and easy-to-deploy, SX5-B safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard.

Create Multiple Layers of Protection

The software can be used to create two separate and concurrent warning zones, each with a unique output. For example, a breach of the first warning zone could trigger an indicator to light, and a further breach into the second warning zone could trigger the hazardous motion to slow down. Any breach of the safety zone would bring the hazard to an immediate stop.

Add Muting Capabilities without Adding Expense

Muting functions can be configured in the software and muting sensors directly connected to an SX Series safety laser scanner, eliminating the expense of adding an external module or controller to enable muting.

Easily Identify and Protect All Open Areas

The TEACH-In feature makes it easy to create warning and safety zones that cover all open areas. Using TEACH-In, the SX Series safety laser scanner will scan and display the area surrounding the device, clearly indicating obstacles and obstacle-free areas within the range of the scanner. Users simply select each open area and designate it as a warning or safety zone.     

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SX Series Safety Scanners
SX Series Safety Scanners

SX Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems by continuously scanning a user-defined area of up to 275° to create a two-dimensional protected zone.

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Banner SX Safety Laser Scanner Software - 2019R1
1 Feb 2019

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