Current Catalogs from Banner Engineering

Banner New Products Catalog

New Product Catalog

The New Product Catalog from Banner Engineering is packed with valuable new content, including:

  • 100 pages showcasing what's new to Banner's growing portfolio of industry-leading products and solutions.
  • Visual selection guides for at-a-glance product comparison. 
  • A compact size that's easier to peruse quickly
Banner Safety Solutions Catalog 2019

Safety Solutions Catalog

Banner's Safety Solutions catalog highlights the latest safety solutions including hand, finger, or body detection, area detection, safety relays and controllers, safety switches, and enabling devices.

Banner Lighting and Indication Catalog

Lighting and Indication Catalog

Banner's Lighting & Indication catalog features LED Lighting, signal tower lights, indicators, touch buttons, and pick-to-light products as well as complimentary Banner solutions. 

Banner Wireless Products Catalog

Wireless Products Catalog

Banner Engineering's Wireless Products Catalog highlights wireless sensors and solutions, simple wire replacement products, wireless I/O, data, and network connectivity. 

Banner Wireless Products Catalog

Electonic Industry Solutions Brochure

Banner Engineering's Electronic Solutions Brochure highlights Industry 4.0 technology and solutions for Lithium Ion battery production, solar panel production, IC chips and printed circuit boards, mobile device production, contract manufacturing (EMS) and clear object detection (COD).


Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Catalog

Banner Engineering has the largest portfolio of fiber optic assemblies in the Industry. We have over 1,000 different fibers to meet every space, environment and sensing requirement. View common applications and Banner's full line of products.

Banner Wireless Products Catalog

Packaging Solutions Catalog

Banner Engineering's Packaging Solutions Catalog highlights Industry 4.0 technology and solutions for the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceutical industries.