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Date/Lot Code Presence or Absence Detection

Date/Lot Code Presence or Absence Detection Image


In the beverage industry, date/lot codes are mandatory on all products in order to identify when or where a product was made. As the bottles travel along the filling line, it is necessary to confirm that the date/lot code is physically present on each bottle. The beverage filling industry needs a cost-effective system that can report clear and reliable results to prevent packaging errors.


An SLM Series slot sensor used in combination with an iVu Series vision sensor can be used to detect bottles passing on the line and to verify the presence of a date/lot code. During the labeling process the SLM slot sensor detects each bottle as it passes. The SLM then sends an output, triggering the iVu vision sensor to conduct an inspection to verify that the codes have been printed on the bottles. The SLM series slot sensor is easy to use and is self-contained and rugged, with a 50-microsecond response time.

During setup, an image of the correct date/lot code is captured by the iVu vision sensor, which is configured to use the blemish tool. As bottles travel on the packaging line the iVu matches the freshly printed image to the original captured image. If there is no match, then the date/code is either missing or flawed and the bottle is rejected and removed from the production line. The fast processing time offered by the iVu helps maintain a constant flow of bottles on the line.

The compact design and rugged IP67-rated build of the iVu is ideal for use in confined spaces and industrial environments. Users can choose from multiple mounting options to fit specific needs for placement on the manufacturing line. They are available in models with or without an integrated touchscreen. Users can configure, change, and monitor inspections away from the line using a remote touch or PC.

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