Laser Distance Measurement

Laser diode sensors combine the alignment advantages of a visible sensing beam with the increased sensing range of a laser. Class 1 and Class 2 devices are available.

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  1. Rugged Laser Distance Sensor: Q4X Series

    The rugged Q4X laser distance sensor offers superior performance and solves many challenging applications across a variety of materials, surfaces and colors. Discrete, analog, clear object, and IO-Link models are available.

  2. Time of Flight Light Gauging Sensor: LTF Series

    High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 12 m away, straight-on or at an angle.

  3. Laser Measurement Sensor: LE Series

    The LE laser measurement sensor is ready to measure widths of 100 to 1000 mm right out of the box.

  4. High Precision Laser Measurement Sensors: LH Series

    High speed, high precision, non-contact laser measurement sensor that provides accurate and stable displacement or thickness measurement on wood, metal, rubber, ceramic, and plastic parts.

  5. Laser Distance Measurement Sensors: LT3 Series

    Advanced time-of-flight laser sensor for precise inspections, reliably detecting angled targets with a range up to 50 m, depending on the model.

  6. LED Measurement Sensors: Q50 Series

    Combines laser-like performance with LED safety and economy Provides an appealing alternative to lasers for many applications, including dry-bulk level measurement, package filling, roll-diameter measurement, loop control and dimensional measurement.

  7. Long Range Laser Measurement Sensors: LT7 Series

    Self-contained long-range time-of-flight laser sensor with a Class 2 laser for accurate distance sensing up to 250 m and a quick warm-up to minimize drift.

  8. High Resolution Laser Measurement Sensors: LG5 and LG10 Series

    Features outstanding maximum resolution of 3 µm for flat white targets. Uses an ultra-narrow beam to precisely measure distance, height or thickness.