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SX Series

Safety Laser Scanners

SX Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard. They are suitable for horizontal, vertical, and mobile applications.

  • Easy configuration in a few simple steps using safety scanner software
  • Individually define up to six safety zones and two warning zones using a PC
  • Highly flexible safety and warning zones can be set to match the shape of the work area
  • Safety zone range of up to 5.5 m at 70 mm resolution, or up to 3 m at 40 mm resolution
  • Warning zone range of up to 40 m
  • Best-in-class immunity to dust, dirt, and light interference
  • Multi-segment color display and 5 LED indicators provide at-a-glance system status information
  • Dynamic muting available and selectable detection capability for vertical applications
Safeguarding a Robotic Weld Cell
Safeguarding a Robotic Weld Cell

A robotic weld cell is protected on multiple sides by hard guarding. Between work cycles operators must be able to access the weld cell to retrieve completed work pieces and load new material. Used to safeguard access points to the weld cell, an SX5-B safety laser scanner can increase machine uptime and productivity.

Safeguarding a Pallet Transfer Conveyor
Safeguarding a Pallet Transfer Conveyor

Pallet transfer conveyors are used to move heavy loads to the shipping area. Both the pallets and the conveyor pose risks for accident and injury and must be safeguarded. An SX5-B safety laser scanners safeguards the loading and unloading stations on the conveyor and enables a continuous flow of pallets through the system.

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  1. SX5-B

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    SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanner
    Protective Field Range: 0.05 m to 5.5 m
    Safety Outputs: 2 OSSD
    Zone Sets: 6
    Scanning Angle Degrees (max): 275