Detection and Indication of Vehicle Arrival at Loading Dock

Loading Dock Occupancy Monitoring Image

Application: Detection and notification of vehicle arrival

Challenges: Outdoor environment that is not easily wired

Solution: Wireless M-GAGE Node

Benefits: Completely enclosed with an internal battery

Docking stations can easily become hectic areas if trucks and deliveries are neglected and not attended to in a timely manner. For optimum workflow and loading dock traffic management, it is essential for dock workers to immediately know of arrivals. A solution is needed that can provide reliable vehicle detection at a docking station that is exposed to an outdoor environment.


M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes mounted on each loading bay signal the arrival of vehicles by illuminating Banner EZ-LIGHT indicators remotely mounted throughout the facility.

Supervisors can also be alerted to arrivals using their PC or PDA. Workers assemble quicker at the appropriate dock, cargo security and facility access are greatly enhanced, and docks are freed up faster. Best of all, no through-wall wiring mechanism is required to implement the system.

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Wireless M-GAGE Node
Wireless M-GAGE Node

FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for vehicle detection.

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