Detection and Indication of Vehicle Arrival at Loading Dock

M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes mounted on each loading bay signal the arrival of vehicles by illuminating Banner EZ-LIGHT indicators remotely mounted throughout the facility.

Application: Detection and notification of vehicle arrival

Challenges: Weather and other environmental challenges. Communicating arrival information to staff inside the facility. 

Solution: Sure Cross® DX80 Wireless M-GAGE™ Nodes, a DXM100 Wireless Controller, and TL70 Wireless Tower Lights

Customer Benefits

Relaible Performance in All Weather Conditions: M-GAGE nodes are fully potted and sealed to protect against environment conditions.

Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Implement Solution: Wireless solution eliminates hassle and expense of running communication wire between multiple devices over long distances.

Better Information Improves Vehicle Turnaround Times

Errors and delays at the loading dock can cause problems throughout the supply chain. Identifying available bays on the loading dock and directing staff to the correct bay when a delivery has arrived can improve turnaround time and reduce errors. Performance data from the loading dock can help supervisors make more informed decisions regarding staffing, scheduling, and equipment allocation to improve efficiency and performance.

Detecting Vehicle Arrivals at the Loading Dock

Installed at each bay on the loading dock, Sure Cross DX80 Wireless M-GAGE™ Nodes detect changes in the local magnetic field caused by the arrival or departure of a vehicle. Each DX80 consists of a long-life battery, an antenna, an M-GAGE magnetic sensor, and a wireless Sure Cross DX80 Node. The Node connects the M-GAGE sensor to a robust Sure Cross wireless network and enables communication with other devices on the network.

Directing Staff to the Right Bay on the Loading Dock

Status information from the Node is sent at regular intervals over the network to a DXM100 Wireless Controller inside the facility. The DXM100 counts each arrival and departure at a bay, logs the time at which the event occurred, and relays any change in status to one of several network-connected TL70 Wireless Tower Lights.

TL70 Wireless Tower Lights are deployed throughout the loading dock. Each tower light has up to six one-color light segments with each segment corresponding to a specific bay on the loading dock. When a vehicle arrives, a signal is sent from the DXM100 and the corresponding light segment illuminates. The bright, high-visibility display of the TL70 Tower Lights directs staff and equipment to the correct bay, facilitating the quick processing of the shipment.

Reducing Wait Times and Identifying Inefficiencies

If the amount of time that a delivery truck remains at a bay exceeds user-defined limits, the DMX100 will prompt the corresponding TL70 light segment to flash, providing an at-a-glance local indication to staff on the loading dock. Additionally, an SMS text/email alert will be sent by the DXM100 to all dock staff and supervisors, alerting them to the situation.

The data collected by the DXM100 can be accessed from any network-enabled location and used to track and improve turnaround performance, identify inefficiencies and process issues, and allow supervisors to make smarter decisions regarding their staff and equipment.

Features and Benefits

Vehicle Detection Monitor up to 24 M-GAGE sensors, U-GAGE sensors, or a combination of both to detect vehicle presence.
Indication Indicate vehicle presence on up to four wireless TL70s with each location turning on one of six light modules on each wireless TL70.
Event Counters Count the number of times each location detected vehicle presence.
Total and Average Time Track total time at each location and calculate average time at each location using the count.
Extended Time Indication User configurable setting to indicate an extended vehicle presence by changing the solid light on the wireless TL70 to a flashing light.
SMS Text / Email Alerts Generate SMS text and/or email alerts based on individual warnings and/or alarms.
Cloud Monitoring Push data to Cloud Webserver or PLC (via LAN or Cellular connection) for remote viewing, alerting, and logging.


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