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High-Speed Registration Mark Detection

High-Speed Registration Mark Detection
High-Speed Registration Mark Detection
Q3X Back
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Application: Detecting registration marks on labels

Challenges: Marks on a dark background can be difficult to detect at high speeds

Solution: The Q3X Series Sensor

Benefits: Works well at fast speeds and can detect up to 2,000 events per second

Primary packaging has many high-speed processes, and it is important to verify correct packaging, which can be done by detecting registration marks. White registration marks on dark backgrounds, such as blue, can be challenging to detect at high speeds since many sensors are not able to maximize contrast for reliable detection of the mark and not the background.


Banner Engineering's Q3X versatile, rugged laser contrast sensor is ideal for detecting registration marks. With a range up to 300 mm, the Q3X has a tight laser spot able to detect a small white registration mark reliably.

When the Q3X detects the white registration mark, the intensity readout increases and a discrete output is triggered, indicating the white registration mark is present and it is the correct package going down the line. The white registration mark also indicates where the packaging should be cut later in the process, so accurate and timely mark detection is critical to maintain desired package aesthetics.

The Q3X has an intuitive setup, with two tactile buttons located below the display, which provides clear user feedback during configuration and operation. With configurable, fast response speeds of up to 250 µs, the Q3X can capture up to 2,000 events per second. The rugged, nickel-plated zinc, laser-marked housing makes the sensor suitable for many environments, even where cutting fluids and oils may be present.

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