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Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring

Application: Monitor levels inside storage tanks

Challenges: Multiple storage tanks in remote and hard-to-reach locations

Solution: K50U Ultrasonic Sensors and Q45U Wireless Nodes paired with a DXM100 Wireless Controller

Benefits: Remote monitoring of up to 16 tanks from a central or mobile location


Using K50U Ultrasonic Sensors and Q45U Wireless Nodes paired to a DXM100 Wireless Controller, we can develop a wireless monitoring system for multiple tank level measurements that is easy to set up, interpret the results, and monitor locally and through a cloud-based system. The temperature-compensated system can report and send alarms on user-specified levels locally via outputs to lights and relays, or via emails and text messages using a single K50U sensor per tank. Information can be sent to the cloud using either the internal cellular module or by connecting to the local area network (LAN) with an Ethernet cable directly to the DXM100.

Features and Benefits

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring  Wirelessly monitor up to 16 tank levels from a central location
Low Level Alerts 
Generate two user-specified low level alerts (low and/or low low) for a tank in an emptying application
High Level Alerts 
Generate two user-specified high level alerts (high and/or high high) for a tank in a filling application
Local Indication Lights 
Local alert indication via LEDs on the DXM Controller and the ability to enable lights on theQ45s for local indication of alert status 
SMS Text/Email Alerts 
Generate SMS text and/or email alerts
Cloud Monitoring 
Push data to Cloud webserver or PLC (via LAN or cellular)

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