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Quick-disconnect cables allow sensors and safey devices to be replaced quickly or moved and are available in both single-ended and double-ended models. QD cables provide easy hookup of AC, DC and AC/DC powered devices. For added versatility or changing applications, splitter cables and field wireable connectors are available. 

  1. Single ended cordsets have a QD connector on one end and flying leads on the other. Different colors and lengths are available to fit various application settings.

  2. Choosing quick-disconnect (QD) cables allows for versatility in applications by enabling devices to be moved or replaced easily. Double-ended cordsets have QD connectors on both ends – one female and one male.

  3. Splitter cables are used to make cables more versatile in applications. When attached to a cable they are now able to power multiple devices, cutting back on cost of accessories and adapts to changing needs. Available for AC, DC, and AC/DC powered devices.

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    Field wireable connectors are used to make a custom length or finish a cable. Adding a field wireable connector makes installation easier when it may be difficult to determine the exact length of cable that is needed, making products more versatile.