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Key Benefits


R70 MultiHop Repeater Kits make it easy to extend the range and reliability of any MultiHop network. Each network consists of a MultiHop radio configured as a master device and one or more MultiHop radios configured as slave devices. The R70 wireless segment acts as a repeater between the master and slave radios, making it easy to extend the range of the network and/or circumvent large obstacles in an application. Data from connected sensors is communicated back to the master radio. Add more sensors by adding more radios to the network, and extend the network to monitor more equipment by adding more R70 MultiHop Repeater Kits.


R70 Repeater Kits are compact and easy to install. Each kit includes an R70 MultiHop wireless segment, an AC power base with QD, 5-pin cable with ½-20/Micro-style Integral QD, and solid steel bracket. Simply turn and click the repeater into position on the base, secure the assembly to the bracket, and connect the cable to power the kit. The design allows for easy installation in locations where AC power is available, and the 15’ cable provides tremendous flexibility for deploying and powering the kit.

Compatible With MultiHop Wireless Solutions Kits

R70 MultiHop Repeater kits are plug-and-play compatible with other MultiHop devices and MultiHop Wireless Solutions Kits. This interoperability makes it easy to create wireless solutions capable of monitoring equipment and assets distributed over wide areas. With the Solutions Kit, data from each sensing point in the network can be accessed and used to establish performance baselines and thresholds, view graphs to identify trends and issues, and make better decisions.



Reduce the cost and complexity of deploying or expanding a MultiHop wireless network. Each R70 repeater kit includes a preconfigured MultiHop repeater that functions on AC power for easy and accessible installation. This makes the R70 a smaller and less expensive option in comparison to other MultiHop devices that have a broader feature set. The designated functionality of the R70 further reduces costs by eliminating the time and expense of configuring multiple MultiHop data radios —a significant advantage for large-scale deployments.


The AC MultiHop Repeater Kit can be used to grow a network that monitors multiple sensing points on equipment and assets spread out over long distances. Data collection can enable smart decision making to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). 

  • Rotating asset health 
  • Bearing health
  • HVAC systems
  • Remote tank level monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Machine runtime monitoring
  • Tracking parts per minute
  • Plant performance comparison
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