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Monitoring Door Switches

Monitoring Door Switches Image


A major supplier of bulk food ingredients has recently been asked by its customer to verify the building is safe and secure at all times. To achieve this, multiple door and window access points throughout the plant need to be constantly monitored.


Magnetic door switches were placed at every exit and entry point in the plant.

Switch status information is transmitted back to a central location so that security personnel can monitor the opening of exits that should remain closed during normal operation. Each magnetic switch is connected to a DX80N2Q45RD Wireless Q45 Sensor - Remote Device model and uses the Q45’s dry contact inputs.

Multiple DX80G2M6-Q Gateways are installed throughout the plant to collect the data from the wireless Nodes and a backbone of Banner DX80 MultiHop Data Radios transmit the data back to one Modbus host system. 

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