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TL50 Tower Light Family [Video]

The EZ-LIGHT® TL50 Tower Light Family indicators, including the Standard Tower Light and Beacon Tower Light, are easy to install and provide highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication.

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TL50 Core Series 50 mm LED Tower Light Indicator
TL50 Core Series 50 mm LED Tower Light Indicator

LED tower light indicators are highly visible and simple to install with no assembly required. Display up to 7 colors. Available with IO-Link.

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The TL50 Tower Light Family includes preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment indicators that replace conventional stack lights. Prewired and quick-disconnect option reduce installation time, because no assembly or complex wiring is required.

TL50 Standard and Beacon Tower Lights have extremely bright LED lighting, helping guide operators on the factory floor. Displaying up to seven light segments in a single tower, standard models have 10 different colors to choose from and high intensity and daylight visible models have 5 color options. All tower lights have an optional audible function with variable intensity, which alerts operators of multiple machine statuses for clear communication.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Assembly and Manufacturing, Automotive, Car Wash, Food & Beverage, Material Handling, Packaging, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Port Machinery, Semiconductor

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