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You Can't Afford Downtime

Predictive Maintenance and Conditioning Monitoring Solutions

Condition monitoring plays a crucial role in predictive maintenance by allowing users to identify critical changes in machine performance. One important condition to monitor is vibration, often caused by imbalanced, misaligned, loose, or worn parts. Wireless monitoring from Banner Engineering can increase productivity and reduce downtime and allow you to collect valuable data for predictive maintenance.

Customer Benefits

Reduced Maintenance Cost: Early identification of potential problems allows companies to schedule full spectrum vibration analysis and other service before equipment fails or is seriously damaged.

Increased Uptime: Collected data can be used to create more reliable service schedules and reduce unplanned shut-downs caused by machine failures.

Ease of Use: Wireless system enables communication with remote and hard-to-access equipment without the hassle or expense of running wire to each device. 

Reliability: Vibration sensors typically measure RMS velocity, which provides the most consistent measurement of vibration over a wide range of machine frequencies and is indicative of overall machine health.  

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Founded in 1966, Banner Engineering is a global company and a globally recognized leader in the field of industrial automation. Our sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless and safety products are used by companies large and small, from industry leaders in the Fortune 500 to innovators just entering the market.