Barcode Reader Software (1D, 2D)

Barcode reader software from Banner Engineering offers an intuitive graphical user interface for programming devices. All versions of Banner's barcode reader software are available for download free of charge.

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  1. ABR Barcode Manager Software

    Barcode Manager software for ABR Series barcode readers features intuitive, flowchart programming that makes it easy to setup inspections and access advanced features to solve the most difficult barcode reading applications.

  2. iVu Vision Manager Software

    Vision Manager for iVu BCR barcode readers offers simplified software to connect, program and monitor multiple iVu devices on the network.

  3. TCNM GeniusPLUS Software

    GeniusPLUS software for TCNM laser barcode scanners offers step-by-step configuration to help rapidly configure a scanner, or unlock advanced features to set up traceability applications.

  4. PresencePLUS Vision Software

    PresencePLUS Smart Cameras are available with and without barcode reading capability to solve vision and traceability applications in one product.