ABR Barcode Manager Software

ABR Barcode Manager Software

Software for Inspection Setup and Management

Barcode Manager Software from Banner Engineering

Connect, configure, and monitor multiple ABR Series barcode readers using Barcode Manager. This powerful software features intuitive, flowchart programming that makes it easy to setup inspections and access advanced features to solve the most difficult barcode reading applications.

Barcode Manager is free, easy-to-use and compatible with all ABR Series barcode readers.

Key Benefits

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Learn codes using a quick, one-step process for automated setup.

Barcode Manager Learn Codes Image
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Quick and Easy Inspection Setup and Management

Barcode Manager software features intuitive flowchart programming and a wide range of configuration options, including a one-step process for automatic setup and an advanced option that provides full access to change and configure device settings.

Remote Monitoring and Management

The web interface makes it possible to setup, manage, and monitor multiple ABR Series barcode readers from any network-enabled location, providing users with tremendous flexibility in managing multiple devices on their network.

Identify Problems Early On

The code grading capability allows ABR Series barcode readers to evaluate the quality of each barcode, making it easy to identify and resolve code issues early.

Extend the Inspection Area

Multihead networking makes it possible for users to connect multiple ABR 7000 barcode readers together in a network to solve complex applications over a very large inspection area.

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Barcode Manager - Software Release Notes
21 May 2019
Barcode Manager Software - 2019R2
21 May 2019

Installation and Sample Configuration

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