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Radar Configuration Software

Radar Configuration Software

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The radar configuration software is an intuitive graphical user interface for select radar sensor products from Banner Engineering.  Available as a free download, the radar configuration software allows users to: 

  • Get up and running in 3 easy steps: simply set the switch point distance, signal strength threshold, and response time. Now the radar sensor is ready to begin detecting targets!  
  • Easily monitor device status via the software or bright on-board LED indicators.
  • Visualize the application in real-time.
  • Make adjustments to sensor settings on the fly. 

Compatible Products

The following products are compatible with the radar configuration software.

Q130R Series Radar Sensor with Graphical User Interface
Q130R Series Radar Sensor with Graphical User Interface

Radar sensor with narrow and wide beam options to detect moving or stationary targets in all weather conditions. Graphical User Interface provides simple setup, greater control, and visibility into sensor settings.

T30R Series
T30R Series Radar Sensor

The T30R sensor is a longer-range alternative to ultrasonic sensors, and provides more reliable detection and position feedback in extreme outdoor conditions and other challenging environments. It features a shorter dead zone, better accuracy, and the ability to see a wider range of targets than traditional 24GHz radar sensors.

Software and Hardware

Download the radar configuration software, and use the Pro converter cable hardware to configure and monitor compatible radar products. 

Pro Converter Cable
Pro Converter Cable

Universal communication cable for use with a variety of Banner lighting and sensor products.

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Hardware requirements:

  • Pro converter cable
    • When connected to a Windows® 10 device for the first time, the Pro converter cable automatically installs the correct Microsoft driver. 
    • When connected to a Windows 7 device for the first time, the Pro converter cable drivers must be installed manually. 
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