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Call for Pickup from an Assembly Station to an AGV

AGV Pallet Pick Up Image

Application: Call AGVs for pallet pickup to enable a continuous workflow and prevent assembly station congestion

Challenges: Sending pickup requests from fixed locations to a mobile asset and receiving acknowledgements

Solution: EZ-LIGHT® K70 Touch Buttons paired with a DXM Series wireless controller

Benefits: High-visibility call status indication, reliable Sure Cross® wireless network enables communication between multiple assembly stations and an AGV


Assembly station workers build products, pack completed products into boxes, and load the filled boxes onto a pallet. A completed pallet must be quickly removed from the station to allow the assembly worker to begin building a new pallet. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is used to collect and remove complete pallets.


When a pallet has been built the assembly worker touches a wireless K70 Touch Button located at the station. This sends a signal to a DXM Series wireless controller installed on the AGV. The DXM directly interfaces with the control system on the AGV, prompting it to proceed to the assembly station to remove the pallet. Once the AGV is in motion the DXM sends a signal back to the K70, changing its color from red to yellow to notify the worker that the AGV is coming. Once the pallet has been removed by the AGV, the operator touches the K70 again, resetting the condition to green. Response times and other data are collected by the DXM and can be used to improve process.

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