Restocking Assembly Stations for a Continuous Workflow

Call for Parts Image

Application: Call for parts and acknowledgement between assembly stations and the forklift operators who supply them

Challenge: Real-time communication between fixed and mobile assets

Solution: EZ-LIGHT® K70 Touch Buttons and Wireless Q120 6-Button Pendants paired with a DXM100 Wireless Controller

Benefits: Reliable Sure Cross® wireless network enables two-way communication for more efficient parts supply


Assembly workers need the correct supplies in order to build products and maintain a smooth workflow. Restocking assembly stations on-time, before components run out without overstocking and creating congestion at a station can be a challenge. Real-time communication between assemblers and the forklift operators who stock their stations enables a more efficient delivery of components as well as the timely removal of completed products.


A K70 Wireless Touch Button is located in each assembly station at the facility. A Q120 6-Button Pendant mounted on the dash panel of a forklift is linked via a remote DXM100 Wireless Controller to the assembly stations. When an assembly station needs to be restocked, a worker simply touches the K70 at their station. The red LED light on the pendant that corresponds to the assembly station will begin to flash, notifying the forklift driver. The driver acknowledges the request by pushing the button, which causes the K70 to change color. The operator can clear the request by touching the button again. The forklift driver is completely autonomous and delivery efficiency can be monitored thanks to the wireless infrastructure.

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