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Wireless Pick-to-Light System for Mobile Assembly Stations

Pick-to-Light using K50 Image

Application: Enable assembly station mobility, simplify reconfiguration, and provide clear assembly guidance 

Challenges: Frequent reconfigurations and relocations of assembly stations and assembly stations 

Solution: Wireless K70 Touch Buttons and a DXM100 Wireless Controller

Benefits: High-visibility assembly guidance, reliable wireless connectivity for station mobility and reconfiguration


As consumers demand more options in the products they choose the manufacturing processes that produce those products become more complex. Providing workers with clear guidance for assembly minimizes the potential for errors, especially with frequent changes to product requirements. Providing manufacturers with the ability to easily reconfigure and move assembly stations can have real benefits for production efficiency and space utilization.


Wireless K70 touch buttons are deployed across bins on a portable parts rack. A DXM100 wireless controller determines the selection sequence by illuminating the green LED on the K70 corresponding to the part that should be selected. The operator selects the part and touches the K70 to confirm the action. The K70 turns red if activated out of sequence and yellow to confirm the correct process. The next K70 in the sequence then turns green and the process continues. The wireless connection allows the assembly station to be moved or reconfigured without rewiring.

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