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Robotic Work Cell Lighting

Automated robotic processes occasionally require workers to monitor and maintain equipment. Proper lighting helps reduce errors and keep production levels high. Keep reading to learn how the WLB72 Basic strip light provides bright, even illumination inside robotic work cells. 

Challenges of Robotic Work Cell Illumination

Robotic work cells need bright light to help workers more easily monitor processes and maintain equipment. Illumination in work cells can be challenging because hard guards around the cells can block overhead lighting and create a dimly-lit area. 

If lights are too dim, maintenance tasks like calibration, cleaning, or material loading can be more difficult to complete quickly and effectively. Meanwhile, if lighting is too harsh, it can create an uncomfortable working environment for staff that can reduce work quality. A solution is needed that creates bright, comfortable illumination in the robotic work cell. 

Bright, Even Illumination Where It's Needed Most

Banner Engineering's WLB72 Basic stip lights help workers observe the full operation of the robot and complete maintenance efficiently. The bright light output and even light distribution eliminate shadows, making it easier for maintenance workers to calibrate the robot, clean the area, or load materials without making mistakes. 

WLB72 strip lights also make illumination more comfortable for employees working in the area. The diffuse window reduces glare and hotspots, which can cause eye strain, to create a more comfortable and productive work environment.

A Cost-Saving Solution

Adding light only where it's needed is a more cost-effective solution to this application than adding more high-bay fixtures to the area. In addition, the WLB72 strip lights are energy efficient with an efficacy of 130 lumens per watt. WLB72 strip lights can be dimmed or shut off when not needed, further saving energy costs. 

The rugged LED strip light does not require bulb or ballast changes throughout the lifetime of the device, providing years of maintenance-free operation and a low total cost of operation (TCO). 

Versatile Mounting and Quick Installation

WLB72 strip lights easily instiall into existing infrastructure with either integral mountng or additional brackets. The versatile mounting options allow the light to be pointed directly into the work area at a variety of angles, providing concentrated light where it is needed most. All models are cascadable, simplifying installation and wiring for additional ease-of-use. 

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WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas
WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas

The WLB72 strip light enhances overall visibility, improves worker productivity, and reduces energy costs in a variety of applications requiring bright, uniform illumination.

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