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Indicating Traffic Levels in Vehicle Queues

Indicating Traffic Levels in Vehicle Queues Image


Toll booths on high-traffic roads can quickly back up during peak travel times, causing headaches for motorists and toll booth employees. It is helpful for workers to know how long automobiles are waiting in each lane so they can assess traffic levels and identify slow lanes that may require extra attention.


Either M-Gage Vehicle Detection Sensors or R-Gage Radar Sensors can be used to monitor a designated checkpoint of each lane and determine the duration of time that each vehicle is stopped at that point.

This information is sent to a PLC, which is connected to a series of K80L Segmented EZ-LIGHTs in a traffic control station. The EZ-LIGHTs communicate the status of each lane to the traffic controller, who can then alert toll booth employees when their lane is backing up.

The K80L Segmented EZ-LIGHTs send both lingual and nonlingual messages. Customizable labels make it possible to communicate clearly in multiple languages. The highly visible color quadrants make quick status identification easy and efficient.

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