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Sensing in a High-Speed Chip Shooter

Sensing in a High-Speed Chip Shooter

High-speed chip shooters are used in the electronic component industry to efficiently assemble PCBs. These chip shooters often have multiple inspection points in close proximity and lack the space to house an adequate number of traditional sensors. A solution is needed that has the ability to monitor multiple points while taking up minimal space.


The bussable power feature of the D10 Expert allows for up to 16 sensors to be wired together and powered through one power supply, reducing the amount of wiring required and making it possible to use multiple sensors without needing multiple connection points. Space can be further conserved by mounting the sensors together on a DIN rail, utilizing fiber optics to monitor multiple inspection points in a confined space.

The fast sensing response time of the D10 Expert offers the quick and accurate detection required in high speed chip shooter applications, while the easy-to-set configuration options make the sensor a versatile sensing solution.

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